środa, 14 maja 2014

Miminal kravhantering i projektverkligheten

Välkommen till Karslkrona och min tutorial :)



T04 - Requirements on a shoestring: how to cope in industry projects with poor requirements engineering awareness


Studying the history of IT industry breakthroughs since 1950-s, you do not find the term "requirements engineering" much. Yet, for all practical purposes, it was exactly brilliant handling of the requirements that characterized all its success stories.

At RE'14 we hear about great advances and superb accomplishments in requirements engineering, but in IT industry, the situation is regularly much worse. To improve processes and projects fast, you do not have time to revamp them radically, introducing full-scale requirements engineering, but you have to go through channels already available, where requirements engineering can be introduced, though under the guise if other names and procedures. This tutorial will help the Participants to learn how to do this, through the following gateways:

  • Project management practices: PMI (PMBOK), IPMA and PRINCE 2 allow much RE improvement.
  • Agile: the agile framework is very requirements-centred, albeit using exotic terminology.
  • Programming and design: RE improvement through DDD, BDD and FDD.
  • Business analysis - if its scope is sufficiently broadened, it may be an effective gateway for comprehensive RE practices.
  • Test analysis and design are excellent ways of filling in where insufficient RE has left off. We will look at agile ATDD and TDD from this perspective.
  • Exploratory testing: this exceedingly popular ideology provides ample room for performing some good, though late, requirements elicitation and analysis.
  • Market research: in many respects, it essentially is the same as requirements elicitation.
Monday, August 25, 2014 (Full-day)

wtorek, 13 maja 2014

Call for papers till HUSTEF konferens, 29-30 oktober 2014 i Budapest!

 DEADLINE: 18 May 2014

Hungarian Software Testing Forum (HUSTEF) 2014
Practical Software Testing
29 - 30 October, 2014, Budapest, Hungary

"From the very first minute, all presentations were very interesting to me. This really IS a differece compared to many conferences, where a presentation or two is perhaps interesting, and then a thought appears "oh my, what is this guy talking about". Not at HUSTEF!" :)

poniedziałek, 12 maja 2014

RE'14 (22nd IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference), 25-29 August, Karlskrona, Sweden

Min endagskurs (arbetstitel: "How Do They Do Requirements Engineering Where They Do Not Do Any Requirements Engineering?") har blivit accepterat till konferensen. Vi sees i Karlskrona!

RE'14 Karlskrona